Talking to Strangers

Today I was thanked for not being “ultra white”.

20 minutes later, I found myself sitting down at a table with this individual.

He told me his name means “treasure-bearer,” and that since I sat down to talk with him, he was going to give me the treasure of wisdom.

He talked a lot about light and love. About God stripping you down to all you need so that you have to work towards your purpose. His purpose, he said, was to spread that light and love.  And that it seemed to be working, because he’ll bring a smile to someone’s face and they’ll decide to get him something to eat.

He talked about the power of listening.  The power of seeing people. He made sure I knew that it’s ok to not listen to those who only bring bad things to those who really listen to them.  That one must always respect the stranger, because you don’t know anything about them.

He told me that he could see that I was powerful, and that I have a quiet courage.  That I have a big heart, and a bigger intuition.

He told me I was very beautiful, I told him I have a fiancé. He asked what’s special about my fiancé, I told him that my fiancé loves others more than he loves himself.  My treasure-bearing friend told me that it seems as if that rubbed off on me.

I didn’t say much. (I’m always awful at talking to people.)  But he said plenty.  He told me that all of his disjointed speech was relevant, that I just couldn’t see it necessarily, that it was like a book of sayings or proverbs.  He told me that it would all sink into my intuition, because that’s what filters out the bad stuff, and these sayings were true and good. But he didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I’m sure he thought I was a little more sheltered, but that’s ok. He was right, what he was saying was true and good.

He said normally God has him pretty isolated; that even when he tries to talk to people, they don’t really respond.  He said that means it’s “pretty incredible” that God let me sit down across from him and talk to him. That there must be a particular reason and purpose I did.

I don’t think I can disagree with that.


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