Goals and Self Care for the New Year

What I want this year to become is journeying towards the belief that I am loved and worthy of love. I’m aware that I constantly live in a state of striving for perfection, and so the hope behind these particular goals is not abandoning the desire for excellence, but focusing much more on the practice of remembering that I am a child of God first, and a student/aspiring lawyer/only child/woman second. To practice remembering that I am worthy of love, and that God made me not only smart, but creative and loving and adventurous and capable too. Which is difficult for me to accept, honestly. But. It’s the most basic things that change everything, and it is the idea that I am loved and am worthy of love that has the hardest time sinking in because of how core it is to me, all my insecurities, flaws, fears, and beliefs about myself. How can I hope to love others in a way that leads them to accepting love if I do not accept love myself?

So, I have pinpointed 9 things that I believe will go towards me living life to the full this year, utilizing all my gifts and talents that He has given me so that I may walk more intimately in His love and even love myself more. Here they are!


I was inspired by a post from my dear friend Amaya (https://amayawrites.wordpress.com/) to create a vision board that encapsulates my goals and hopes and foci for 2015. So here it is, along with the explanations behind the pictures, starting from the top left.

1. Pray. Focused, on-my-knees-listening-to-God prayer, as well as just talking to God more throughout my day.

2. Obviously my academics are in this. This includes maintaining a respectable GPA, as well as studying diligently for the LSAT so that I can get into the law school of my choice when I take it this year.

3. Take care of my body. Regular exercise, as well as eating not-junk food.

4. Save up enough to  go on a trip to New Orleans with my housemates.

5. Find an outlet for my singing.

6. Find a direction for our International Justice Mission club on campus. Find someone who has time to invest and support IJM club.

7. Heal so that I can play bass again this year.

8. Invest in the relationships and friendships I have, continually.

9. Self-care. This sums up the rest of my goals, really, but I tend to neglect this, so this year I’m focusing on the basics.

So, if you’re reading this, I’m inviting you to join me. Join me in self-care (whatever that looks like for you). Don’t set up goals for yourself that will only invite guilt, but practices that will allow you to be more of the whole human being you were created to be, i.e: that will allow you to grow in your relationship with God. Do this knowing that you are loved beyond your wildest dreams.

One thought on “Goals and Self Care for the New Year

  1. Recommendation for New Orleans: Don’t spend more than a few days exploring the French quarter. The reality and life of the city and its lays beyond the tourist trap. And despite the lingering poverty and corruption that is all too apparent, I can say from first-hand experience there is vivacity aplenty for the open minded!
    (Also, Brazos Bend National Park is pretty rad if you travel by car)

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