My Unedited Thoughts with an Unedited Picture

It’s been a while since an update. I know. I’ve been constantly going at a million miles an hour since the beginning of the semester and haven’t had anything to “blog” about except homework, coffee consumption, and little events that haven’t impacted me whether or not they should have. So, here’s the best way I can express my current state of affairs in a stressed-out, sleep-deprived state.


it rained today.

sometimes, I find myself staring up at the sky
wishing that I could feel God
dripping down my face and refreshing me
like the rain.

that I could breathe Him in to fill up my lungs
like breathing in home
after a long journey
(and oh, have I had a long journey.)

I go to seek my Maker
alone in the wooded park
hoping for strength or renewal
or maybe just a quiet “keep going”

so I wait
and wait

still waiting…

ignoring the distant traffic,
the weight of waiting responsibilities
lingering in the back of my mind

I’m putting all of it off
because of this longing for…
really, anything.

for I have poured myself out
and seek to no longer be dry of thirst
but I have lost my way
in search of still waters.


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