Update: back to “Real Life”, Finally.

In the early morning hours with my coffee at my boyfriend’s Mac, I realized that I promised an update once I got back to “real life”. I guess this week I’m finally at the “real life” point. The summer was spent at the same camp where I spent last summer, taking care of kids and singing and dancing about Jesus with very little time in between to catch my breath. I had a job waiting for me when I got back from camp, which makes me convinced that the countless applications and interviews that got turned down were divine intervention, leaving me open for where God was calling me. Maybe I should write a post on camp.

In regards to Tanzania, it seems as though it’s an entire world away. I can walk around in bare feet, eat healthy, and show my knees on hot days. It is also all-too-easy to get caught up in the culture of materialism and ungratefulness and individualism. Camp was a good transition place as far as cultures go, since I still had to wear shoes and eat unhealthy food and be disconnected and our wonderful community was held above all that was not Jesus.

So now what? As I transition into my normal life with classes and jobs and media and bills to be paid, what do the past 8 months of my life mean?

back to my morning routine

back to my morning routine

I’ve chewed over this question for at least a week now, and have come to the conclusion that the short answer is: simplicity, the meaning of community, and the art of being present where you are. Off paper though, it changes everything. I’ve learned that just as adventure is not inherent by being somewhere foreign, neither is the lack of adventure inherent because I am staying in one place for more than a month. I’m learning to go deeper than ever before, and really “suck the marrow out of life”, if you will. God is taking me on more subtle adventures for now, so, the blogging will continue as long as the adventure does (and so long as the homework gets done between classes and the two jobs). Geronimo.


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