New Year’s Resolutions

[considering I leave Friday for this adventure that will be the first third of my year, I figure it’s appropriate to post them here]

(1)    Be alive.

              to not let my senses and my heart be dull as life presses on

              to perceive

                   instead of just seeing through a fog

              to listen

                   instead of letting knowledge and emotion pass through my head

                   without grabbing onto it

               to comprehend

                     instead of just regurgitating facts

               to love

                     instead of just coexisting with those beside me.

(2)    Thirst.

            for new experiences

            for deeper relationships

            for discoveries

            for adventure

            for justice

            for compassion

            for knowledge

                and ways to use it all to benefit others.

            to let this thirst drive me to passionately and relentlessly pursue what I seek,

            so that when I drink deep of what life holds before me this year, it will be sweeter

            and more satisfying

            than all my years of taking these precious gifts for granted.


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