A Nomadic Heart- Exposed

what can I say

this trip has broken me down

down to my bones and my tears.

my muscles that held me up vanished,

my skin that protected me from the outside world evaporated

something about Spain

and God breaking me.

roaming as I wish

Abba breaking my heart  again and again:

by my loved ones back home

by the oppression we’re living and working among

by the restrictions of communication

by my own body betraying me

and by teammates I can’t get away from.

Lord I’m tired, so tired of walking

and all I want is to be alone

with You

in our secret place

where I can sing of Your love forever

and You can wrap me up in Your arms.

where I feel beloved

and safe

and valued.

things I have not felt in several weeks’ time.

“Home” has never been a house for me.

always nomadic.

maybe this is growing up,

but I’m learning more what a home is:

a safe place.

home has become a sweet word

that my heart secretly longs for.


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