Anxious to Wander Further, but Glad I Live Here

my paradise is in a car

on a roadtrip

to nowhere in particular

when the sun is returning home to the horizon

still undecided on how to make its exit.

as it decides to slip down quietly

or overwhelm the sky with its brilliance

it gives its light with an enchanted quality

full of magic, freedom and immortality.

so that we who live by the stars

question whether they truly are the more beautiful.

This past weekend some friends and I decided to take a roadtrip over to Seattle. So, Friday after classes, we packed in my friend’s little Ford focus like clowns, anxious to leave (maybe too anxious…my friend got a speeding ticket. I laughed like a little sadist.). It was so refreshing, just leaving to join the rain and sound and greenery and punk-rock-hipsterdom that is Seattle (it’s my people!) and to be able to breathe and relax with these people who know the worst side of me and still love me. I feel so blessed that I live among such beauty.



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